Dustin McKibben has been in the wedding business for over 7 years and photographing weddings around the country for the past 3 years. His photojournalism aesthetic separates him from other photographers; he attended the world renowned Rochester Institute of Technology to earn his BFA in photography. He also was published in best of photography two years in a row. Dustin is now living in Fort Wayne, Indiana but is currently shooting weddings across the country.

"I don't look at your wedding as just another weekend gig like most photographers. Every wedding for me is about more than just pictures. My approach to your wedding is to make you feel like the super model that you are on your wedding day with a little mix of what I like to call the "fly on the wall", which is where I capture all those little precious moments like the flower girl dancing with grandpa or the bride sharing a heart felt hug with her sister."

Remember you're not just hiring a photographer for his or her pictures, their personality is key to your whole wedding day success. Dustin has worked for catering companies, Dj's, and even a church. When it comes to weddings, he has become quite the expert.

So call today and let us share in your special day, anywhere in the world.